Apps4Gaps Competition Rules

  1. Introduction

Apps4Gaps is an international competition aimed at encouraging young people to provide ideas and create applications that will provide innovative and fresh ways of exploiting the Open Data freely available from on the Internet that could benefit society in such areas as transport, housing, planning, education, communications and health.

In the process, participants will learn or increase their skills in computer programming, utilise the opportunities presented by Open Data, and be challenged in creating technologies such as mobile apps that can exploit the economic and social material presented.

  1. Partners

The Central Statistics Office (CSO), the INSIGHT Research Centre, NCTE, Project Maths, the Digital Repository Ireland (DRI) and CoderDojo have teamed up to launch this international competition.

  1. Key Competition Dates

October 15th,  2017   Launch of Apps4Gaps

January 26th, 2018   Closing date for Registration of projects. Projects have to

be registered by 5pm on that date

April 13th,  2018   Closing date for Submission of entries. Projects have to be

received by 5pm on that date.

May 25th,  2018   Public announcement of winners.


Competition Rules



If you are in education:

This competition is open to teams of up to three people who are attending, or are registered in, a primary, a second-level school or third level college. .

Applicants in this category are required to have a consent form signed by a teacher, lecturer or course advisor/instructor from the school or college that they are attending. Teachers and lecturers are also welcome as members of the participating teams.

If some/all of your team are not in education:

This category is open to individuals or organisations. Teams of up to three people are eligible to submit apps.

Participation of multiple teams from the same organization is allowed, however, individuals can only participate once in the competition, either as solo entrants or as part of a team.


Project Groups

Completed projects can be submitted in the following category:

Working Entry: Submission of a fully developed app


Definition of App

An app is defined as any Business Intelligence or reporting tool that can be run on a mobile device (mobile app), within a social platform (social app), or in a browser (Web app).



All project entrants must use at least one Irish Open Dataset from the Apps4Gaps Data catalogue. You can use any other Open Dataset, please list the Dataset source and location information as part of your application.


Publicity/Display of Submissions

Except where prohibited, participation in the Apps4Gaps competition constitutes competition participants consent to Apps4Gaps and/or its partners/sponsors for use of the applicant’s name, likeness, photograph, and/or college/workplace for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further consideration


Evaluation Criteria

  • Data Use
  • Alignment with Project Goals
  • Functionality and Implementation
  • Usefulness to students, teachers, schools and citizens
  • Feasibility
  • Creativity/Originality



The decision of the judges on selection of winners in Apps4Gaps competition is final and conclusive and not subject to appeal.


Licence and Limits of Liability

Participants must comply with the official competition rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the competition.

All submissions must be in English and must be the original work of the participant(s), solely owned by the person or team making the Entry and have not been entered into any other competition nor violate the intellectual property, common law or privacy rights of other parties.


Submission of an Entry

All entries made be submitted through the Apps4Gaps website

Registration of all entries has to be completed online by 5pm on January 26th.

Submissions have to be completed by 5pm on April 13th at

The following information is required for a valid submission:


In the event of a working entry is submitted, the following are required:

Step 1. Name/Title. Create a name/title for the app

Step 2. Project Overview. Write a paragraph that summarises the role of the app and how it works.

Step 3. Narrative. Create a narrative (user manual).

Write up to five pages that explain how the app works and how to use it, the dataset(s) used, the target audience and the benefits of the app to such an audience.

Step 4. App. Create the app and post it to a hosted site or app store.

Step 5. Video. Create a video demonstrating the working app and post to a video hosting site such as (You will be asked to provide the link to the video on the submission form.)

Step 6: Photograph. Create a photograph of your app suitable for public posting.

Step 7. Submission Form. Fill out the submission form (available for download at In the places indicated, upload the narrative and the photograph and provide links to the hosted app and to the video of the working app.

Step 8: Consent Form. Upload the completed consent form. For all entrants from school, colleges and other education institution, the form must be sanctioned by a teacher/instructor/advisor at the school, college or institution.

An individual acting as project team leader must ensure that he/she as well as the other team members meet the eligibility requirements for individual participants and submit consent forms from each team member. (All team members’ forms should be uploaded as one document.) Failure to provide the consent form(s) will result in disqualification.

Step 9. Finalize. Finalize your submission by clicking the “Submit” button. (All applications must be submitted via the Apps4Gaps website no later than 5:00 pm on April 7th. Submission of an entry is an acknowledgement that the Entrant has complied with all competition requirements stated or implied. No awards will be granted prior to verification that entries comply with all competition requirements. Failure to comply with competition requirements will result in disqualification.


Good luck with your project.