Apps4Gaps is an international competition aimed at encouraging young people to provide concepts and create applications utilising Open Data freely available.

Here are some suggestions for open data sources:
Ireland’s Open Data Portal
Central Statistics Office’s (Ireland) Application Programming Interface (API):

These apps can benefit society in such areas as transport, housing, planning, education, communications and health. In the process, participants will be encouraged to:

  • work as a team
  • learn or increase their skills in computer science
  • utilise the opportunities presented by Open Data
  • be challenged in creating technologies such as mobile apps.



Entrants must use at least one of the required Datasets from

Competition Rules
For  the complete information on the competition rules, please go to the RULES section.

Link to 2014 competition results
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Link to 2015 competition results
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Link to 2016 competition results
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Link to 2017 competition results
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Please send your feedback and comments on the Apps4Gaps competition to: